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Kings Recognize Kings and Queens

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This week, The Circle Of Kings would like to recognize the KING and QUEEN behind the successful Multimedia Empire known as Jacote Film LLC; and that's just one venture. Kenyon Pruitt and Kacee Bridgewater not only work together to run Jacote Film LLC, Kacee owns and operates Thirty6SexyTees. Both Companies are a huge part of the community(Metro Detroit/Detroit, MI). From creating an environment of opportunity, to helping serve the community, to community events, it's truly inspiring to watch the growth and success of Jacote Film LLC. You can find Kacee[aka TheGlitterQueen] helping Direct and Shoot on Set, Acting AND providing Original Wardrobe for the Artists. Kenyon[aka The Film Mogul] is constantly casting for new roles or bringing an Artist's Vision to the masses. Whether it be a Film, A Music Video, A Major Life Event or a Commercial for Small Businesses, Jacote Film LLC has you covered. In addition to the opportunities provided to the community within their respective companies, The Film Mogul and TheGlitterQueen will also be the first ones to roll up their sleeves and help a community initiative. The love they show the community truly embodies the Spirit Of Royalty. To follow Kenyon and Kacee or reach out please do so on Instagram @jacotefilm[The Film Mogul], @thrty6[TheGlitterQueen] or visit

Let's take this time to uplift and celebrate the fellow KING and QUEEN for their Honor, Respect and Sense of Community. We thank you for all ya'll do!

Kings and Queens Forever. 

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